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Detect the cause of mastitis quickly

What is MastDecide?

MastDecide is an innovative test system for the determination of mastitis in dairy cows. Accurate pathogen detection is the most important step on the path to successful control and treatment of mastitis. For mastitis therapy, it is crucial to know if it is Gram-negative or Gram-positive because the pathogens differ in the structure of the cell wall from each other and thus in the antibiotic treatment. This exact distinction can be met quickly and reliably in dairy cattle farms with MastDecide

Advantages of MastDecide:

  • Easy to carry out in the dairy farm.
  • Delivers the result in 12 hours
  • Has high clinical significance due to its high sensitivity and specificity
  • Allows a pathogen-specific therapy choice
  • Saves up to 60% antibiotics without negatively affecting therapy results.
  • Reduces antibiotic costs and unused milk losses

Find out how much you can save using MastDecide


How does MastDecide work?

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