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How it works


The samples to be tested with this test should be taken as sterile as possible to avoid false test results. The following procedure is recommended:

  1. Wear clean disposable gloves when taking samples.
  2. Clean the udder and teats as dry as possible from coarse dirt.
  3. The first three milk jets per teat are discarded.
  4. Then disinfect the teat, but especially the teat tip with the teat canal opening, with an udder cleaning cloth.
  5. The teats should dry before sampling.
  6. For sampling, the sample tube is kept as horizontal as possible under the teat. Open and close the tube under the teat. The inside of the stopper and the tube should not be touched by the hands or the teat.


Package contents:

  • 10 tests (20 sample tubes with selective agar)
  • 10 sample containers for mastitic milk
  • 10 disposable pipettes
  • 10 udder cleansing wipes
  • 1 sterilization bag for used sample tubes

Additional required material:

  • Incubator 37 ° C +/- 2 degrees (available from VEE)
  • Reaction vessel stand (available from VEE)
  • Disposable gloves

1. Shake the quarter-start milk sample obtained under aseptic conditions.

2. Take 0.1 ml of the milk sample with the disposable pipette. Only hold the pipette by the suction piston and not at the tip. The suction pipe must be completely filled. The receiving tank prevents overfilling.

3. Apply two test media for each sample. Test medium 1: white lid, test medium 2: yellow lid. Label the test vessels.

4. Carefully open the first test vessel (test medium 1: white lid). Only touch the outer walls of the vessel and lid with your fingers.

5. Add the withdrawn 0.1 ml sample, which corresponds to the filled suction tube, into the test vessel without touching it with the pipette tip.

6. Close the lid of the test vessel carefully and swing it several times. Do not drop the pipette. The vessel must not be opened again.

Repeat steps 4 – 6 with test medium 2 and place the test tubes in the incubator preheated to 37 ° C for 12 hours.


Test tube after 12-hour incubation

Test result

Test medium 1

Test medium 2

No pathogen detected



Gram negative or Coliformea



Gram Positive



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